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Sample #1

"Tongadeel Reel" - Reel by Deb and the Pariahs

Sample #2

"Irishman's Heart" - Jig by Celtic Fair

Sample #3

"Neil Gow's Lament for his 2nd wife - Air, Interlude

Sample #4

"Mairi's Wedding" - March, Wedding Recessional

Sample #5

"Freddy's Reel"- by Celtic Fair

Sample #6

"Cody's Jig" original Jig w/ Brenda Hunter on Guitar

Sample #7

"Timour the Tartar" - by Celtic Fair

Sample #8

'"Miss  Isla" - Jig by Deb and the Pariahs

Sample #9

"Banks of Spey" - Strathspey- by Celtic Fair

 Sample #10

"Silver Spear" - Reel by Deb and the Pariahs
 Sample #11 "Darlin's Waltz"- an original Waltz
 Sample #12 "Cliffs of Moher" - Jig, Wedding Interlude

 Sample #13

"Atholl Highlanders" - Jig, Wedding Recessional

 Sample #14

"Da Slockit Light" - Air, Interlude

 Sample #15

"O'Carolyn's Draught" - Air, Interlude

 Sample #16

"Scotland the Brave" - March, Wedding recessional


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