Deb, Eric, Rodney and Mark
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     Deb and the Pariahs is the name chosen by the Pariahs themselves as a way to describe their “place” in the folk music community—outcasts! Yes, it’s true. What easier way to elicit scorn, dismay and fear from those around you than to play an accordion, bagpipe and banjo all at one time on one stage?

That being said…wait till you hear their music!! Added to Deb’s fiery fiddle, the bold combination of instruments blend together to produce an exciting, dynamic sound. Deb and the Pariahs are a fun, talented and versatile group of musicians that play Celtic and American traditional music for festivals, dances and weddings.

      They also sing a variety of songs including ballads, sea shanties and humorous ditties. Because of the amazing diversity of their musical backgrounds and instrumentation, they are able to play for a wide variety of musical settings and situations.

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          What’s a “Conundrum”?  A conundrum is a puzzle—and as puzzling as it may seem, there are times when the trio of Eric, Mark and Deb fits the gig perfectly! Need a smaller group…a band with guitar as the rhythm…a more acoustic sound? Conundrum is a great choice! Mark and Eric share guitar responsibilities with style and Deb does what she does best! It’s a great sound with a lot of flexibility.

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