Rodney Sauer plays piano and accordion in a wide range of ensembles and settings including American, Irish, Scottish and English traditional dancing, ballroom dancing and silent film accompaniment.  His multifaceted background makes it possible for him to accompany musicians for a huge variety of dances and performances and he does so with incredible expertise and finesse.

You can email Rodney at: Also, check out the links page for the website for his alter ego, the leader of the Mont Alto Silent Film Orchestra.

Eric Olson started playing music “too long ago to remember”. Over the years, he has played guitar, penny whistle, flute and bodhran. Now most of his energy flows into playing the uilleann pipes (Irish lap pipes), singing a variety of traditional Irish songs and the sharing of the colorful lore of Irish culture. Eric performs solo and with a number of traditional Irish bands, performs at festivals and teaches at Swallow Hill Music School in Denver.

 You can email Eric at:

Mark Brissenden has played numerous styles of music over the years. He started playing Celtic music over ten years ago and, since that time, has performed and recorded with the Celto-Renaissance band Bedlam Abbey and the Celtic band Skean Dubh. Mark’s experience with multiple musical styles adds color and depth to his music.  A versatile instrumentalist, Mark plays guitar, banjo, fiddle, and bouzouki in addition to singing with the band. 

You can email Mark at:


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