Teaching from her home and at Denver Folklore Center, Deb likes to keep the student excited about the music they’re learning while also encouraging good, basic fiddle techniques that will make it possible for them to reach any level of playing they desire.
   She also teaches special assemblies about Irish and Appalachian music and dance at Swallow Hill Music School.

 She teaches music both by ear and by using written music while encouraging the student to be able to learn either way.  She thinks it’s the most effective to have students learn good technique by playing the tunes that appeal to them in the genre they enjoy the most.



From student Becky Michel     
“Deb’s a great fiddle teacher. I learn so much from her and she makes me want to be better and to keep fiddling in my life.”

                                                                      From student Susan Newton
   Initially, I was a beginner who was so self-conscious about playing that I could barely play in front of anyone at all.  Now I’m playing for contra dances!  Lessons are a combination of working at tunes, giggling at jokes, and working on style.  I appreciate Deb’s relaxed and supportive approach to teaching fiddle students: her musicality and flexible, non-threatening style kept me interested and hopeful that I could really learn to play this instrument.  Additionally, I have greatly benefited from all of the opportunities that Deb has provided for me to play in dance settings and with other musicians.  Now when I play for others,
people say...'Deb has done a tremendous job!'."


                                                                             Stephanie H. age 12
                                                                                   The Charm
They say there’s a secret charm which lies
                                                                      In some wild floweret’s bell,
                                                         That grows in a vale where the west wind sighs,
                                                                And where secrets best may dwell;
                                                             And they who can find the fairy flower,
                                                      A treasure possess that might grace on a throne;
                                                            For, they can rule with the softest power
                                                              The heart they would make their own.
                                                                      This charm comes at night
                                                                            When it is cold out
                                                                        It brightens our days and
                                                   Gives us something to live for each and every moment.
                                                                               This is a gift.
                                                                  Some people come into our lives
                                                                             And quickly go.
                                                                   Some move our souls to dance
                                                                      They awaken us to a new
                                                                        Understanding with the
                                                                       Passing of their wisdom.
                                                     This charm walks in the music, the rhythm and glory
                                                             The music of my Fiddle teacher, Deb.

For information about taking lessons
   from Deb, please e-mail her at:


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